Does Hula Hooping Count as Exercise?

Tuesday, May 7

Recently I passed by this informative post by Woman's Health Magazine and boy was it a good read! Most of the time we think that exercising have to be boring and really structured when it can be the total opposite.

Here's how the post starts out and ill give the link where you can read the rest.

If you’d prefer to hula hoop than hit the gym, you’re in luck: It might be just as effective. In fact, Kelly Osborne said hula hooping helped her whittle two inches from her waist, according to a
recent interview. No doubt, she looks amazing. But can hula-hooping actually give you a good workout?

While hooping is just one part of Osbourne’s daily workout (she also says she runs intervals and does either weight training, yoga, or Pilates), hula hooping really can help you slim down: It burns about seven calories a minute, according to a 2010 study conducted at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. And while that might not sound like a lot, it’s about as much as you’d burn by walking briskly—and even more than you’d torch per minute in a power yoga, step aerobics, or Pilates class.

While hula hooping strengthens your core, and—depending on what you do with the hoop—can work the rest of your body, too, strength training still trumps hula hooping for sculpting lean muscle, says study author John Porcari, PhD, director of clinical exercise physiology at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. That said, swinging a hoop around your hips can be a pretty effective aerobic workout, he says.
Can’t hula hoop to save your life? Your hoop is probably too light—or too small. Contrary to what you might think, a heavier hoop makes hula hooping easier because it generates momentum, says Mary Pulak, owner of Hooked on Hooping fitness classes in Green Bay, WI, and designer of the hula hooping workout used in the 2010 study. Because you need to keep your core tight to whip the weighted hoop around your waist, heavier hoops also work your abs more than their lightweight counterparts, she says. A two-pounder is ideal. “It creates enough force to give a fantastic workout, but it’s not heavy enough to bruise your body,” Pulak says.
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Who would of knew working out could be so easy? I'm going to go borrow a hula hoop and get to work on my summer bikini body and you should too because we are only one month away from summer!

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