DIY: Perfume Display and Makeup Tray ♡ (My First Video)

Saturday, May 25
Hey girlies, I have some really exiting news... I finally made my first YouTube video!!! As you can tell from all the exclamation punctuation marks I'm pretty excited to finally share this video with you guys.

Now you might wonder why I'm finally sharing my little video on my blog when the video has been uploaded for a few days. Well I had some technical problems and this is actually the THIRD time I have uploaded it to the YT. Usually I'm pretty good at tech stuff but this one blew my  mind with all the details I have to notice when I'm editing... but to make a long story short, It's officially live. I'll post more videos very soon so subscribe to my channel to stay updated!

What type of video do you like to watch? I'm open to new ideas :)

Sending lots of love


P.S. If you noticed I changed my signature to "B" for Berry. From now on you can click on the link to automatically take you to my YT page :) 


  1. Congratulations! So exciting! I subscribed to your YouTube channel :)

    But First, Coffee

  2. Nice video! Have a wonderful weekend:)

    1. Thank you, and you too! (:

      -B ♡


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