Berry Personal #2: 25 Facts About Me ♡

Thursday, May 16

Today I was checking out other bloggers and came across one called Daisy and Mints, I love mint green so I was  imminently hooked. On her blog she did a really simple and cute post called "25 Things About Me" which inspired me to make my own random list.

1. I'm really shy 

2. I ate chocolate covered ants before to get an A+ on a science project (yes my teacher was crazy)

3. My favorite color is pink but I feel like it might change to mint green... nahh

4. I have 5 siblings, one brother and 4 (extremely annoying but loving) sisters

5. I use to have a striped fish called tiger who ate all the other fish in our aquarium fish tank when i was 5

6. Five and three are my favorite numbers

7. I'm addicted to skittles, buy me some and I love you forever 

8. Place it on it's side and it's infinity... yup I'm a true Schoolhouse Rock lover. Google it :P 

9. My best memory was when I fell in love for the first time

10. I want to  live in Florida or California some day

11. I'm a dreamer but tend to have trouble making them come true

12. Spring is my favorite season

13. I feel so conceited doing this because of all the "I's" I have to type out... lol.

14. I have awkward knees

15. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 15

16. I put ranch on my spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, and... oh yeah, Hot wings!

17. I'm obsessed with Victoria's Secret and Target for some odd reason... 

18. My favorite book is Delirium

19. I'm turning 19 on June 4th

20. I love God and known him since I was very little

21. I got bullied a lot as a child 

22. Never had allergies but had asthma as a kid

23. Played video game since I was able to walk
24. Only fell in love once

25. Never in my life have I worn fake nails because my nails grow pretty fast naturally 

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