Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray Review

Tuesday, April 30

Hi everyone! I want to write a quick Berry Picky review on my favorite hairspray by Herbal Essences. Their website states a very detailed description saying:
 "Let Set Me Up Stylers Max Hold Hairspray set you up with a lush finish from a maximum strength formula fused with cactus flower & bamboo.
Powerful and strong so it can hold your style with luscious shine, maybe even through a tornado.
Maximum strength formula sets your hair up with a lush finish. Fused with cactus flower and bamboo. Strong, powerful, and holds your hair with luscious shine. Become a shapeshifter. The power to create looks in minutes."

I love this product because it does exactly what a hairspray is meant to do without the strong smell. The only thing that's strong about Set Me Up hairspray is the hold, and if you don't need a max hold for your hair type there's two other levels to choose from, level one (semi hold)  and level two (medium hold). To check out more reviews visit DrugStore.com. On the site there's both negative and positive reviews because everyone is different, but I ended up really enjoying this product and use it whenever I go out. 

  • Hair Type:
  • Thick, Coarse, and Curly

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