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Thursday, November 1

Latest and Greatest vol.4

Monday, October 29

Can you believe in two more days October 2018 will be officially over?! It seems like October went by in a blur because the entire month I challenged myself to post Monday through Friday for four weeks. 

For some people, this challenge might seem easy to accomplish, but for me (aka a self-proclaimed perfectionist and procrastinator), this challenge was difficult to complete. Somedays I didn't feel like posting or had extreme writer's block while others (like tonight) my fingers practically typed 100mph trying to keep up with all the thoughts flowing from my head. Because of this fluctuation, I had a tough time staying consistent with my blog content but overall I'm happy we finished October on a good note.

Weekly Recap: Last week I taught you guys how to decorate with midnight blue,  shared simplistic centerpiece arrangements for Thanksgiving, and how to update your bathroom counters for under $10. This week is going to be slightly different from previous weeks because we're going on a small hiatus to create new content for you guys. This little hiatus won't last long because we're returning November 5th but in the meantime, you can catch up on our previous post clicking the links above or the photos below!

Guest Bathroom Makeover pt.2 | DIY Marble Counter

Friday, October 26

Remember how I was soooo excited to update my guest bathroom floors last week? Well, it turns out life had different plans for me this week. Instead of updating my floors I ended up renovating the counters. I made this little change because the floors I picked looked awful in person. Soo.. instead of not posting, I decided to scrap my original idea and renovated something else while I search for better floors. If you have any suggestions for removable/renter friendly floors, tell me in the comment section below!

Psst. If you feel a little left out, check out the first part to this post: GUEST BATHROOM MAKEOVER PT.1 | MY PLANS FOR SPACE.

Simplistic Centerpiece Arrangements for Thanksgiving

Thursday, October 25

Isn't it crazy how Thanksgiving is right around the corner?! I can practically feel the excitement in the air as we inch closer and closer to November! To prepare for Thanksgiving, I'm sharing a few simplistic centerpieces from my favorite website, Pinterest! I chose to feature simplistic centerpieces because I believe the best Thanksgiving memories are created when we focus on loved ones, our blessings, and delicious food,  instead of crazy arrangements.

How to Decorate with Dark Colors | Color Codes VOL.4: Midnight Blue

Wednesday, October 24

Notice anything different about today's Color Codes Post? We're posting on a Wednesday instead of Tuesday! A few days ago I decided to move the series to Wednesday because I want to start uploading youtube videos on Tuesday. This change wasn't supposed to happen until November but something unexpected happened yesterday so I decided to start the new schedule today.

Okay, now that's out the way let's get started with the post! For today's Color Codes post I'm featuring the first deep shade, midnight blue! I adore this mature shade of blue because it's a universal color which means you can use it in any room. Today I'm we're talking about three different ways to incorporate this beautiful color into your bathroom.

PSSST... If you missed last week's post, don't sweat it! Click here to catch up: LEMON YELLOW BREAKFAST NOOK | COLOR CODES VOL.3

START HERE: If you want to catch up on the entire series: COLOR CODE SERIES by DYLAN AND BERRY

Latest and Greatest vol.3

Monday, October 22

Wow, isn't it crazy how just three weeks ago we relaunched our blog! Last week we talked about many topics but the main theme was updating your home at an affordable price. Tuesday we talked about decorating your breakfast nook with lemon yellow, Wednesday I shared the best decluttering Instagram accounts, Thursday I posted the first part to a fun home improvement project I'm working on, and Friday I shared quality amazon pillow covers under $11

I'm excited for this week because we're going to share an easy DIY project and fall centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Don't forget, we post every weekday so be sure to visit Monday - Friday to get your daily dose of home decor inspo and advice!

The Best Linen Pillows Under $11 | Amazon Finds

Friday, October 19

Pillow covers can be expensive. Most average around $20 for a single pillow cover. Crazy, I know, but what if I told you that you didn't have to spend a fortune for a quality pillow cover. Today I'm sharing my favorite Amazon pillow covers for under $11. All the pillows on this list are $100 linen or have a linen feel without paying the crazy marked up linen prices.

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